Military Applications
     by William B. Trescott

    While the Trescott Safety Truck is not a replacement for the venerable prime mover, it can significantly improve the efficiency of both air and sea lift logistics without being detected, thanks to reduced infrared, radar, and noise signatures.

Sea containers
     The most time consuming aspect of container ship unloading is placing the containers onto chassis, which requires specialized cranes and accuracy on the part of the crane operator.  With Safety Trucks to haul containers away from the ship, crane operators can quickly drop containers onto the ground and immediately grab other containers while trucks pick them up for transportódoubling productivity.  The need for specialized container cranes or container chassis is completely eliminated.  Any 25 ton crane with four hooks can unload containers onto the ground.  Trescott Safety Trucks can unload containers from ro-ro ships without any cranes at all.
Air pallets
     Without batteries for regenerative braking, the Trescott Safety Truck is a lightweight air transportable vehicle with multi-fuel capability.  With batteries installed, the truck is capable of high speed operation achieving four times the productivity of a prime mover used to carry air pallets or 20 foot containers.  Hoops and tarps can be mounted over the cargo area to conceal and protect the cargo.  Because the tarps are attached to the truck and not to the cargo pallets, the pallets can be dropped onto the ground and quickly unloaded from all sides without any need for personnel to expose themselves to injury climbing up and down from high cargo beds.  The truck's low profile, less than 10 feet tall, allows the truck to unload containers and pallets directly from aircraft and place them into buildings or tents without the cargo or personnel being transported ever becoming visible to aerial surveillance.
     The main drawback of the Trescott Safety Truck is limited off road capability.  To operate off road, the truck will need to be towed by a prime mover, a tank, a tractor, or armored fighting vehicle using a tow bar.  While being towed, the truck's propulsion motors and cargo latches can be operated by remote control using a data link.  The truck can drop its pallets or containers anywhere, but it requires flat level terrain to load a pallet or container.  The dual steering and flexible composite structure offers the possibility of surviving buried munitions when equipped with an optional kevlar outer skin and underside.  The low profile 5 foot high sides of the truck will provide ample protection to both personnel and cargo from light munitions, but the 11 foot overall width of the truck will limit convoy movement on undeveloped roads to one direction only.
    In all electric mode,  the Trescott Safety Truck has a zero heat signature and zero radar reflectivity.  The turbogenerators can be dismounted in minutes to provide static generating capacity to command posts and mobile hospitals.  Trucks can pool their generators to take turns silently delivering goods while others are recharging their batteries.  Because of regenerative braking, not even the brakes will emit heat.  The truck can also operate in total silence when driving on asphalt surfaces with no seismic vibrations transmitted through the drive train.