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1000 CHURCHES opens in full screen mode without any icons or frames to distract your audience.  You can switch between your hymns, notes, or Bible Study programs using your Windows task bar, which you set to auto-hide when giving a presentation.    Even a child can operate the 1000 CHURCHES program.  Just click the bottom edge of the screen (shown in red) above the task bar to bring up the GO-TO Box.  Type in the page number and press ENTERóbut, that is not the only way to navigate.  If you click the bottom left corner, you will see the speed control dialog box for using 1000 CHURCHES as a screen saver or lobby display.  If the page contains a narrated Bible story, just click anywhere in the text and the words will expand to twice normal size.  The story can then be seen as well as heard by clicking your mouse to turn pages. If you do not know the page number, you can click the left edge of the image to enter BROWSER MODE.  You can view the table of contents by pressing the second button on the left.  Then, go anywhere in the program by clicking the subject.  There is also a subject index.  The names of the pictures can be seen by clicking the arrow to the left of each country.  A short description of each picture can be read by dragging the scroll bar to the right to make the contents window bigger.  Some images have pop-up note symbols in the upper left corner which expand to provide detailed descriptions for hearing impaired viewers.  The Bible can be read in two different ways.  By clicking the arrow beside "BIBLE STORIES,"  all of the most popular stories in the Bible are listed by name so even children can find them.  Clicking a Bible story will automatically begin the spoken narration.  By clicking the arrows beside "OLD TESTAMENT" and "NEW TESTAMENT," all of the books of the Bible will be displayed.  If you click the arrow to the left of the name of the book, you will see the chapter numbers.  Every verse in the Bible is never more than a few mouse clicks away!  Page numbers can be read on the bottom of the screen if you prefer to use the GO-TO box when giving a presentation. If you would like to print out an image on your church programs or bulletins, but you cannot remember which country it is in, you can scan picture thumbnails by clicking the third button on the left in the browser window.  By dragging the scroll bar all the way to the right you can choose to view only thumbnails or, by positioning the the scroll bar in the center, you can view images and thumbnails together.  Clicking a thumbnail will take you to it immediately.  Dragging a rectangle on part of a thumbnail will create a zoomed-in view.  The magnifying glass button allows you to zoom in on images or text up to 8x.  The "abc" button allows you to highlight or select text for export into other applications.  The binocular button allows you to search Bible text for a particular verse.

You have already read all of the instructions you need to know to use 1000 CHURCHES in front of a group.  It is that easy!  If you have never used a projector or video system in your church, you probably fear it will mar the beauty of your sanctuary.  1000 CHURCHES solves the problem of the dreaded blank screen by filling it with a huge variety of Christian art from Europe and the Holy Land.  Do not worry about hiding your altar.  1000 CHURCHES includes nearly 100 altars from every denomination.  Any movie screen can instantly become a church! No matter what the subject of your lesson, 1000 CHURCHES will provide a suitable backdrop to emphasize what you have to say.  Even if you would like to emphasize nothing, there are many wilderness scenes to choose from.

1000 CHURCHES SLIDESHOW uses art currently displayed in churches to communicate the Gospel.  It differs from other art books and programs because the art is always portrayed in the context of the church and country in which it originates.  It is not burdened with complex Bible study features that might confuse children or interfere with the speed and clarity of your presentation.  Obsolete museum art is not used.  Art from both large and small churches is presented, making 1000 CHURCHES the most complete church architecture program available. The art in 1000 Churches is blessed, sanctified, or approved by the denomination which displays it.  You get 330 high quality images and 50 additional lower quality images in the BONUS SLIDESHOW that help to illustrate Bible stories with 3-1/2 hours of spoken narration.

Beautify your church programs and enliven your Gospel mission.  Call now, or push the button to order!

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