Video on the web: in conjunction with is offering webcast video streams at 120 kbps.  A 150 kbps TC-IP or DSL modem is recommended.  Modems capable of 53k or less will not be able to play live video, but offer a 12 kbps narratied slideshow instead.

TROUBLE-SHOOTING GUIDE:  With 637 megabytes of Zip-compressed data, 1000 CHURCHES may be the largest program you have ever used.  Compression creates problems for older, slower computers.  Here are some suggestions:

Open the READ-ME file in the folder for your type of operating system for technical support and to resolve hardware conflicts.  Additional support can be obtained at

Because Acrobat Reader is one of the most stable and best documented programs known, and because it is distributed for free to be installed on as many computers as you like, neither 1000 CHURCHES or Adobe Systems Inc. provides live technical support for this software.  We will endeavor to provide technical support for purchasers of  the 1000 CHURCHES SLIDESHOW by posting frequently asked questions on this site.  If you have a question that is not answered here or in the six pages of instructions which can be printed from the 1000 CHURCHES disc, you may e-mail your questions to

1000 CHURCHES can be used on any computer that has Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0.  If you would like to use 1000CHURCHES on other operating systems such as Unix, Sun, HP, or LINUX which are not included on the 1000 CHURCHES disc, you can download Acrobat reader at

PROGRAM SLOWS OR FREEZES WHILE SOUND IS PLAYING:  A faster graphics card will improve performance

DEVICE BUSY OR NOT PRESENT:  Incompatible or missing soundcard.  Install new soundcard.

NARRATION IS INTERRUPTED OR STOPS ABRUPTLY:  Click lower left corner of image to bring up the FULL SCREEN dialog box, then increase the number of seconds in the ADVANCE EVERY____SECONDS box.

NARRATION HAS LONG GAPS OR IS NOT SYNCHRONIZED WITH THE PAGES: Click lower left corner of image to bring up the FULL SCREEN dialog box, then decrease the number of seconds in the ADVANCE EVERY____SECONDS box.

SOME NARRATIONS TAKE TOO LONG TO START AND GET INTERRUPTED WHILE OTHERS WORK FINE:  Install faster CD drive with lower seek time, or copy the Slideshow onto your hard drive.

PROGRAM SLOWS OR FREEZES WHEN SEARCHING TEXT WITH BINOCULAR TOOL: Copying the Slideshow to your hard drive will significantly improve performance.

I CAN T PRINT OR COPY TEXT IN THE HELPS FILE:  The HELPS file is copyright protected and cannot be printed or copied.  You may print up to 1000 copies of each image in the SLIDESHOW and unlimited copies of the Holy Scriptures.

THE HIDDEN NAVIGATION BUTTONS DO NOT WORK ON MOST BIBLE PAGES:  To prevent accidental clicks on hidden buttons during presentation in front of a group, only the first two or three pages of each Bible Story have hidden navigation buttons.

WHERE IS THE TABLE OF CONTENTS?  Hit the ESCAPE key to enter BROWSER MODE, then click the second button on the left.  The third button on the left activates thumbnails.  Drag the dividing wall to the right to see them all at once.

PROGRAM MAKES STRANGE NOISES:  The images and sound are stored separately on the disc.  If your CD drive is slow, the program may need to interrupt the sound in order to load another image.  Your sound card may repeat the last sound it  heard  until the flow of data is resumed.  Copy the Slideshow onto your hard drive to solve the problem.